Managed Academic Internship Program

A Collaborative, Value-Aligned and Fully Managed Academic Internship Program

Media and Communication Online Experience

Basic Information:

Student Level: Postgraduate

Credit: 1 (as part of a 2 credit Faculty-led course)

Relevant courses: Journalism, Media and

Communication Duration: Two weeks Assessments:

Participation (25%); Online Games and Exercises (25%) Written Assignment (50%)

Basic Information:

Enables students to apply the fundamentals and practices of journalism at the graduate level – research, interviewing, reporting, and writing

Provides students with understanding of challenges and cultural context of media and communication in a developing country

Enables students to compare and contrast media in their own country with another nation

Basic Information:

Videos relating to history, culture and society of the country

Online interactive course materials

Background reading relating to media houses in the country


  • Language
  • Economy, History, and Culture of the country

Webinar on Media and Communication in the specific country

  • Participate in Webinars led by media associations and experts in the field on significant topics:
  • Freedom of Press
  • Responsibilities, ethics and cultural sensitivity in journalism

Project Mapping on Media and Development

Virtual online exercise

Virtual Tour of Media houses

Go on a virtual tour of the major media houses in the country. Led by young journalists in the organization, visit their content design, editing, and printing offices. Learn about what makes each media house unique in its journalism style.

Online Games and Quizzes

Interactive games and quizzes based on material provided

Journalists virtual meet up

Be part of an exciting virtual meet up where journalists in country will share their views on the current media issues facing the country. Get a chance to follow this up by interacting one-on-one in virtual coffee connections with individual journalists.

Writing Project

Students will be matched to a major newspaper organization and working in teams must write an article intended for publication on a topic of current significance (e.g., Innovative ways institutions are re-organizing work to meet the current challenges). Students will conduct research in their own country on this topic and can conduct interviews virtually. They can also discuss the project and get insights from individuals in the newspaper house. The students will submit this to the newspaper house and following appropriate editing and revisions, will be published in their newspaper if it meets the quality standard.

Reflection session

Reflection on what the students have learned, how they can apply it professionally and personally led by the Faculty and Authentica.

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