Frequently Asked Questions


Do I require a visa?

Yes, depending on your nationality and residential status, you will most probably have to apply for a visa.

How do I apply?

For India:

Please apply for your visa electronically at: We suggest applying for a six (6) month multiple entry tourist visa.

For Vietnam:

Students traveling to Vietnam are required to apply for a business visa, Authentica will help you with the required documentation.


How do I enroll for the internship program on your website?

1. Select the city of your choice. If your city is not listed, please write to us to check if we can arrange for an internship opportunity in the location of your choice.

2. Enroll for the program by filling out your personal details on the website, and sharing a brief resume (CV) for us to review.

3. Once we have received your profile details and resume, we will go through them to ensure that you meet the requirements for our program.

4. Once we have reviewed your profile and resume, we will schedule an online interview via ZOOM, Skype, or similar at a mutually convenient time. We will schedule this in advance via email.

5. We will follow up on your interview with a shortlist of internship opportunities and organizations where we can place you, based on your interests, qualifications, and area of study, in the city of your choice.

6. Once you have chosen an organization, we may set up an online interview for you with the organization’s management if it’s required by the company.

7. Once you have finalized your choice of organization and internship opportunity, we will assist you with the visa requirements.

8. Once your visa has been processed, we will take you through a pre-arrival orientation webinar online to brief you about the destination, the organization, and the assignment.

9. Upon your arrival at the destination, you will be settled into your accommodation and begin your internship assignment.

10. During the course of the internship, our Executives In Residence will be there to assist you and guide you with day to day questions.

What is the duration of each internship?

Most of our internships are for a duration of 8 weeks, Monday to Friday.


What is included in the investment in your internship?

1. Your internship includes the following:

2. Matching you with an Authentica vetted organization in the country of your choice

3. Defining the scope of your internship

4. Assisting you with the visa application process

5. Securing safe, comfortable and hygienic accommodations on the ground

6. Arranging for airport transfers as well as daily pick-ups and drop-offs to/from work.

7. Organized activities and orientation exercises to familiarise yourself with the destination.

8. Mentorship by experienced management consultants during the course of your internship.

9. Evaluation and introspection at the end of the internship.

What is the cancellation policy?

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Are there any placement guidelines that need to be followed?

You must complete the enrolment process for the internship as per the process outlined above. You will have a thorough online orientation prior to arrival as well as in person at the start of the internship program.

Is the internship paid?

The internships are not paid assignments. Authentica does not offer any stipends of scholarships to our interns.

Is there a Code of Conduct for each organization?

You are expected to demonstrate professional behavior on the job at all times and deliver the project as per the stipulated scope of work. Yes, most of our organizations do follow a corporate code of conduct which will be shared with you at the start of the internship. We do require all our interns to follow the code of conduct of the organization in which they have been placed.

Who do I communicate with if I have any questions/issues regarding the internship?

You will need to communicate with your supervisor for any on-the-job project-related communication and with your Executive In Residence for any other communication regarding your internship experience.


How do I get to and from work everyday?

Authentica arranges a car and driver to pick you up in the mornings to go to work and drop you home in the evenings. You will be given the name and mobile phone number of the driver. Most of our drivers speak English quite well and communication is generally not an issue. Our drivers are pre-vetted by us and are very professional.

Is it safe to use public transport?

In most cases, public transport is safe and frequent. However, we would suggest avoiding public transport during rush hour as it can become extremely busy. In addition to the transportation we provide, most cities have local taxis or tuk-tuks that make it easy to get around.

Is it easy to walk?

Almost all cities have sidewalks, however, please be mindful and alert for traffic while walking and wear comfortable footwear.

Can I check-in online?

Accommodation check-ins need to be done in person. Most airlines allow online check-ins. Upon your arrival in the destination, it is mandatory that you check-in for the program in person. All check-ins will require your passport as a form of identification.

Does Uber work in Bangalore, Pune and Hanoi?

Yes. You can pay for your rides using your credit card or using cash in the local currency depending on the destination. In India, OLA and MERU offer a similar kind of service. Hanoi does not have UBER anymore, but GRAB offers the same service.

Is there a public bicycle sharing system in each city?

Public bicycle sharing systems do exist in all three cities. Some of these are still nascent while others are more established. However, please keep in mind that traffic can be intense and directions may not be as clear as what you are used to in these locations. We do not typically recommend bicycling on major roads, and if you choose you to do so, it will be entirely at your own risk.

Does Google Maps or Wayz work?

Yes. Google Maps is usually a better service.

Is it safe to travel in a local taxi/ metro at night?

In the day time (up to about 7:00 PM) it’s quite safe. At night, we suggest using UBER or a similar service and suggest that you share your ride/live location with your EIR.

Can the police ask me for my passport while I am out and about in the city?

Yes. We suggest carrying a photocopy of the front page of your passport at all times.

I’ve heard the traffic is really hectic. Is it safe to rent a moped or a car?

If you choose to rent a moped or a vehicle, it will be entirely your responsibility. Please do be advised that driving regulations and norms are quite different from those of your home country. You may also need an international driver’s license in addition to your regular driver’s license to rent a vehicle.

What side of the road do people drive on?

In India,

people drive on the left of the road (British style).

In Vietnam,

people drive on the right of the road (US/European style).

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